4/28/2014, 6:00 PM

by Avia

“Mom?” I asked her, laying down in my room. “Are you sure that you took my memories away? Because today, in Science class, they tried a fancy machine on people that was supposed to dig up long-lost memories and nothing happened for me.”
Trist sighed. “Are you sure you’re ready to handle the truth?”
“Better than being lied to.” I pouted. “Why did you lie to me in the first place?”
“Life is complicated,” Trist said. She pulled up a chair. “You were never born.”
“What do you mean?” I calmly asked. The calmness surprised me.
“You were, well, I believe the term is test tube baby. You were grown to be eight years old when you were released, at which point we artificially gave you life experience and dropped you off into the stone room where this-” she gestured to the whole room- “started.”
“So Soona Bris isn’t real? Project Harmony isn’t real?”
“Soona Bris is very real. Project Harmony quickly failed.” She sighed. “I wish life was different. But we can’t have everything we want in life.”