4/28/2014, 5:10 PM

by Avia

I quietly knocked on the door to Yasmin’s dorm, I shaking in my white dress that was supposed to make my wings less noticible. I heard scuffling inside after a few moments, and then a boy opened the door.
“Who are- oh, hi, Avia. And Emma- I thought you weren’t going to be anywhere near us anymore?”
“Shhh,” Trist shushed. “My name is Tristiania. Can we please come in?”
“Sure.” He backed away from the door. “Yasmin? There’s a not-Emma and a little girl here to see you.”
“A not-Emma?” somebody else said from in the bathroom. “Can we please do this later? I’m kind of tangled.”
We were ushered out of the room.