4/25/2014, 6:30 AM

by Avia

I awoke to see that the window was open and the breeze was flowing through the screen in the windowsill.
“Good morning,” I whispered to Trist, who was still asleep and in the bunk next to mine. I got up and got ready for school, and then I started the homework I hadn’t gotten to do last night.


We had to pick a news story and summarize it. Is finding a snippet of it from an RSS feed and turning that in, even citing it, cheating? The world may never know. (I mean, hey- it says Reuters right on the screenshot. Whatever Reuters is.)


That’s nice to hear, that somebody’s alive and they’re giving praise to God. I have only a shallow understanding of Him, but I guess that’s to be expected when your life except for everything since January 2014’s been wiped from your mind.
A random thought comes into my head- what the shrimi is a Froyo? Who knows. I know it’s irrevelant. I don’t care right now.