4/24/2013, 2:50 PM

by Avia

I was laying down on my bed in my dorm, my wings stretched out across the bed as far as they could go. It felt weird having them, and I obviously wasn’t used to them.
“Avia?” Trist said, unlocking the door and coming in.
“Yes?” I whispered, utterly breathless.
“Just coming in.” She plopped onto the foot of my bed. “So how are you adjusting?”
“Well, I’m a bird hybrid, I’m on Earth, and I’m at a strange school. I’m adjusting quite well. How about you?” I said, dripping with sarcasm.
“I’m just fine,” she said, refusing to acknowledge the sarcasm. “Did you see Yasmin today?”
“Nope. And I don’t care to right now.” I pulled my wings in against my back and sat up. “I just want to go to sleep right now. But I have homework.”