1/25/2014, 1:09 PM

by Avia

I was walking on a stony path when a shadowy figure came behind me and wrapped an arm around my neck. As I clawed at the arm, trying to free myself, he put the long side of a knife against my throat.
“What is this for?!” I gasped, trying to free myself and failing.
“If I see you or your mother Trist spamming on the forums again,” he whispered into my ear, “I’ll mute you. And each time I mute you, it’ll get longer. And longer, and longer, until you’re reached a permamute. This is your final warning.” He let me go. “And when you go to complain to your stupid mother, tell her that KnightFire has given her a final warning.”
I watched as KnightFire disappeared, wrapping his mod’s cloak around his head before poofing away.

“Mother!” I yelled, running through the hallway in the castle that lead to her room. She came out and hugged me.
“I know, Avia. I know. It’s not safe here anymore.” I sniffed and started crying. I loved it here. “I know a safe refuge we can go to. We’ll live there instead and let the elves fend for themselves. Do you like outer space?”