1/22/2014, 8:55 PM

by Avia

“Ouch!” I screamed as Alaya, the champion of the kingdom of Tristiania (which was named after my lady-friend Trist) yanked my arm and walked toward the army. I saw many people with swords, bows, and-
“Look out!” I screamed as I crouched down and covered my head in fright.
“Calm down,” Alaya said as he put a hand on my head. “It’s just the giant eagles. They’re part of the army too.” I shivered as I stood up slowly. “Want me to show you the builders? They’re building an Unstable Chasm.”
“Why purposely build something unstable?” I asked.
“They’re doing it to destabilize the Nether Portal,” Alaya said. “You’re obviously a newbie, or noob as the haters like to say. I have some teaching to do.”