1/12/2014, 9:04 AM

by Avia

When I wake up, the light is flickering. Another note is on the ground, and this one says, “Today will hold many surprises for you. Some will be more hurtful than others.”
I let go of the note, and when it softly hits the floor, the door opens and bright, blinding light streams into my room. I cover my eyes with my hands to keep it from blinding me.
“Come,” an unseen voice says, and I scurry towards the open doorway. When I am through the doorway, the door slams shut behind me by itself, and the white fades to a cold, blue room. A single bed is by the wall, and a window with light, white curtains lets in soft white light. “Hello,” the voice says behind me, and I turn around and see a tall lady towering above me. She was floating in her own little pocket of microgravity.
“Why am I here?” I ask, slowly standing up. “What was the room for? Why can’t I remember anything other than the room and the forced mental labor camp?”
“I will show you,” the lady says, and we walk out of the door to the blue room.