1/12/2014, 12:47 PM

by Avia

“Why did you put me in the room?” I asked the lady when we found a ‘bathroom’. “Why am I missing memories?”
“It’s part of a project we’re working on,” she said, going in the ‘bathroom’. “I’ll tell you more when I’m done pooping. And don’t ask me what pooping is.” I turned around, hearing the door to the ‘bathroom’ close, and saw that there were lots of words on the wall. The logo for HAHAHAH was on there too. I looked at a specific part of the wall and began to read.
“Project Harmony started when, in 2011, the imprisonment of Soona Bris was made. We recognized a need for an acceptance by humans of the other three kinds of humanoids and a need for standards defining all four. HAHAHAH was started to form a community that was raised to accept each other so that the general population could look on and see an example to live by.”
“I see you have found the history wall,” the lady said behind me. She had finished ‘pooping’ and was now hovering behind me. “Now you might begin to understand why we put you in the forced mental labor camp with all of those other different kids.”